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  1. How do I get zoninator to pick up on my custom post types?

    I have already created my post-types, and have the front end working, but when I type in words that are only found in my custom post-type, the results never show up on the admin end of zoninator

    • You need to explicitly add support for the post type:

      < ?php
      add_action( 'init', 'my_init_zoninator_post_types' );

      function my_init_zoninator_post_types() {
      add_post_type_support( 'my-custom-post-type', 'zoninator-zones' );

      • Thank you!
        I knew it had to be something really simple that I was missing.
        Gotta say, this is one of the coolest concept plugins I have come across in a very long time.

      • Actually, I think I may be missing a step somewhere. I have a custom post-type ‘podcast’ running on my site. I added the code snippet you supplied to my theme’s functions.php file changing out the post type to podcast. (I did double check to make sure that my post-type is singular, and it is. It is also registered public and searchable.)

        When I go into the zone manager, and then into a zone which I setup, everything works. However, if I type into the search field, the title of my podcast that I am searching for, it does not show up in the list. I have tried using the title, and also keywords that only exist in that post, but still no joy. It still only shows posts.

        Is there another step that I am missing?

          • I tried the dev vs. and had the same results, no posts showing up from my custom post-type.

            I am running wp 3.2beta1 if that makes any difference.
            *Is there supposed to be a function called zoninator-zones somewhere in the plugin? can’t find one, so am unsure what the action is modifying.

          • We’re testing the zoninator for a new site (3.1.2). We really like it so far. We’ve had to make the following changes to be able to use custom post types in zones:

            add the post type to the post_types array at line 72
            $this->post_types = array( ‘post’, ‘our_custom_post_type’ );

            add the post_types array to the query args at line 818
            $args[‘post_type’] = $this->get_supported_post_types();

            Without this, we could not query and save a custom post type.

          • @Eric
            Thank you so much, it worked perfectly!
            I had tried that route in the beginning but only modified the first line. I had totally forgotten that once defined that I needed to add the argument.

            Now I am off to see what I can do with the plugin as I have so many really cool ideas.

            Thanks again!

  2. Request:
    How do I call the loop for a specific zoninator-zone?

    Idea is that I am going to use zoninator to populate my slider with posts and custom post-types.

    I am struggling to figure out the arguments to use in my loop to limit the output to a specific zoninator-zones posts…. Yeah I know, stupid question but I guess others will ask the same someday

  3. I have installed your zoninator plugin but cannot see its value, usefulness, or how it works at all. Take your installation instruction #3 which reads, “Go to Dashboard > Zones to create and manage zones.” Well, I go to my Dashboard and see there is nothing called “Zones” anywhere. No listing called Zones, no menu item called Zones, nothing! So, of course there is no obvious way to “create” or “manage” zones. I’m using WordPress 3.1.4 and the Atahualpa 3.6.7 theme. Are zones meant to be a way to order the layout of your posts? If so, how do they do that? Or are they just another way to segregate types of posts, like categories (and if so why not just use categories?). I suggest you need to spend more time explaining the purpose, value, and implementation of your plugin and less time on programing and assuming we can all read your mind.

  4. My question is the same of the shawn’s one: how to integrate with the loop? z_get_posts_in_zone() returns a list of post, as a “new WP_Query()” does?
    Thanks for your work!

  5. Hi Mohammad, great plugin! A lot of people are going to find it very useful.

    Quick question – I’d like to use it with my theme. Is there any way I can check if any zones have been created, and if not, create them programmatically with a call from my functions.php?

    I’ve tried $zoninator->get_zones(), but I get an error.


  6. Thanks Mohammad. In case useful for anybody else, I got it to work with this:

    if (z_get_zone(‘home’) == ”) {
    global $zoninator;
    $zoninator->insert_zone( ‘home’, ‘Home’, ‘This is the Home Zone programmatically inserted’);

    For some reason the description doesn’t get saved though.

  7. Update to above – the zone description needs to be in an array.

    if (z_get_zone(‘home’) == ”) {
    global $zoninator;
    $zoninator->insert_zone( ‘home’, ‘Home’, array(‘description’ => ‘This is the Home Zone programmatically inserted’));

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