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  1. Thanks very much for this product — this will be the last newsletter plugin I’m testing. If this doesn’t work out I will have to use google feedburner or manually send email which is far easier than any of this configurations. I checked Net-Results and it seems they are not offering a free product. so I went to Cakemail and I was
    delighted by all their services. I modified one of their template to use, and set up everything and then I’m here and it seems wp super mailer is doing some of the tasks on their own.

    I’m wondering if taking advantage of a third party (which is brilliant solution), why not let them do the rest? As for cakemail which is amazing, the last thing needed is a widget or a code that we could insert anywhere in wordpress to collects user’s email and let cakemail take care of the rest.
    about my experience with other plugins:
    mee news is most functional plugin (that is if this plugin doesn’t work for me). I like how it handles emails without integrating them as subscribers… I think that’s a plus but I might be wrong. I personally wouldn’t want users getting into word press. but on the other hand that’s necessary for commenting… However the free version of mee news doesn’t do html emails, keeps their logo, and crowds the widgets with many useless links and design which brakes up in my theme.

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