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  1. Hi Mohammad,
    Thank you for an excellent plugin. I run on: MySQL version 5.1.45-log, Apache 2.2.14, PHP 5.2.11
    Still I have an issue with it. For testing reasons I wrote some notes. I then uninstalled and deleted your plugin from my test site. All my notes were gone. Something that was, of course, expected. I then deactivating and deleting other plugins.
    But. I re-upload and reactivated your plugin and the notes were still GONE. GONE. Gone with the wind…. From ALL plugins. Not very convenient.
    When I checked my phpMyAdmin database the data was still there, but it did not show up. Furthermore, when I tried adding a new note, all the previously installed data were deleted and this time, really gone from the database.
    I think that this is quite an issue. Could you please look into it?
    Thank you in advance,

  2. Hello again Mohammad,
    Time passed and we are now on WordPress 3.1
    So….. Another idea/request

    At present when activated either via “network activate” or for the individual sites works fine on super-admin plugins as well as for site-admins.

    I think it should be the other way around. It should give info to super-admins ONLY (and if possible to chosen admins as well). I mean I want (as super-admin) to keep notes to myself for the different plugins and not have every single admin in my multisite installation read them

    Anyway, just my thoughts…
    Thank you again, marikamitsos

  3. After more investigation on a live site I found that the plugin works fine and only ppl with “edit-plugins” capabilities can view or change the notes.
    Still I think it would be an improvement if ppl not allowed to edit plugins also did not see the message about putting a note in the first place.
    Great work, thank you for sharing.

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