Photo: The Damage


First game. Wet field. New shoes. Sore legs. Numb fingers. Out of breath. 10-0. We lost.

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Photo: Walking shoes


When embarking on a 5k adventure, it’s always a good idea to bring along a good pair of walking shoes. These are not good walking shoes.

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Timelapse – The City Limits


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PHP Utility Functions: get_value_or_default

Some handy functions I use to grab values from arrays and objects (especially $_REQUEST and friends), without having to constantly run isset or !empty checks everywhere (to avoid undefined index notices). You can specify a default value if the index doesn’t exist in the array or object. Also lets you sanitize the value(s) using a callback before returning them.

Note: No amount of helper functions will protect you from Bad Things. Always validate/sanitize untrusted data.

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Homemade Fruits and Vegetables

Some goodies we grew in our garden last year.

The tomatoes turned out amazingly (despite looking pretty green in the photos). They were aggressive and being our first time growing vegetables, we didn’t quite control then well enough. As a result, we now have a big patch of dead grass in the garden where the tomatoes started to spread.

The raspberries were delicious but the plant only sprouted 7 or 8 of them. It’s gotten much bigger this year, so we hope to get lots more.

The carrots, well, they were tiny.

There were a few delicious peppers as well (though, not pictured).

This year, we’re going with tomatoes again, but might expand the patch of vegetables we have and try other things like potatoes and other small edibles. We’re also hoping that the cherry and plum trees we planted kick into high gear and pop out some delicious fruits.

Posted from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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Philip Pullman on the upcoming library closures in…

Philip Pullman on the upcoming library closures in Oxfordshire:

I love the public library service for what it did for me as a child and as a student and as an adult. I love it because its presence in a town or a city reminds us that there are things above profit, things that profit knows nothing about, things that have the power to baffle the greedy ghost of market fundamentalism, things that stand for civic decency and public respect for imagination and knowledge and the value of simple delight.


Leave the libraries alone. You don’t know the value of what you’re looking after. It is too precious to destroy.

He also brilliantly discusses my exact sentiments on the magic that is reading:

But what a gift to give a child, this chance to discover that you can love a book and the characters in it, you can become their friend and share their adventures in your own imagination.

And the secrecy of it! The blessed privacy! No-one else can get in the way, no-one else can invade it, no-one else even knows what’s going on in that wonderful space that opens up between the reader and the book. That open democratic space full of thrills, full of excitement and fear, full of astonishment, where your own emotions and ideas are given back to you clarified, magnified, purified, valued. You’re a citizen of that great democratic space that opens up between you and the book.

(If you haven’t already, check out the His Dark Materials series by Pullman — it has the exact sort of “wonderful space” he’s talking about.)

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We are all WordPress

We all use it, we love it, and we want to learn it, teach others, and help WordPress become even better.

We are all WordPress.

Jackie Dana

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Hello, Automattic


My new work family.

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The need to code |

It’s like a drug. I’m still fascinated by it, even almost 30 years to the day later I still read about languages, new ways to solve old problems, all kinds of developments in software and hardware as though it is the first time that I hear about these things. It is a fascinating world, the world of software.

Jacques Mattheij

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JavaScript Countdown Timer

I was in search of a JavaScript countdown timer (mainly because I’m too lazy to build it out myself — and because I’m sure millions before me have done the same), but Google wasn’t doing me much good. Most scripts would modify the DOM, directly but not make it easy to programmatically intercept the remaining time.

So, I picked one of the cleanest scripts and cleaned it up a bit.

It’s easy to use! You specify an end date (as a string, though Date object’s should work as well) and pass in a callback that gets triggered at a set interval. The callback receives a JSON object with properties for days, hours, minutes and seconds. You can pass in a custom interval if you want the callback triggered at a different period. Examples below.

Interested? See it in action:

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