WordPress plugins

I develop stuff for WordPress in my spare time. Here are a bunch of things I’ve built so far.

Co-Authors Plus

WordPress by default only allows one author per post. That’s not really all that useful if you run a blog with multiple people and collaborate on posts (or maybe use WordPress to run a newspaper/magazine/other website). This plugin lets you get around that limitation and add multiple authors to posts. The plugin makes use of WordPress’ taxonomy system to store authors and enables authors to be added via search-as-you-type inputs (to allow the system to easily scale when you have hundreds of authors in the system).

Learn more:
Co-Authors Plus (WordPress Plugin Directory)

Edit Flow

In a similar vein to Co-Authors Plus, the idea behind Edit Flow was to make it WordPress Admin Interface much easier to work in for newsrooms and multi-user/author/editor environments. This is on-going project done in conjunction with the smart kids at CoPress. We’re slowly adding pieces into the plugin to make it more useful. So far, we’ve enabled the ability for users to assign custom statuses to posts, have internal discussions for posts while it’s being worked on, and more.

Learn more:
Edit Flow (WordPress Plugin Directory)
Edit Flow in action (CoPress blog)
Our Original (and working) Spec (CoPress Wiki)


InDesign: createMyXML

Cheesy name aside, this is a pretty powerful script that pumps out XML from an InDesign document based on labels assigned by a user and Paragraph Styles used in the document.

Photoshop: optimizeMyImages

Have a bunch of images in all sorts of formats that you want converted to jpeg and resized so you can upload them online? Yeah, this is what you want.

Yes, I’ve done other stuff too, but I haven’t had the time to add it here yet!