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  1. Hello mohammad, and sorry to bother you.
    I’ve been trying to install Living Stories for wordpress on, but I got some problem:

    with the automated install, I’ve got no error messages activating the installer.php and theme, but I wont see those special category panels on the left (Event, Narrative, Image, etc.). Watching the website, instead of wordpress defualt first post, I get this message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: coauthors_posts_links() in /web/htdocs/ on line 17

    I also tried the manual install, but I got fatal errors messages while trying to activate both Co-Author Plus and Magic Fields (oppose to automated install, these plugins do not activate.

    I really carefully followed instructions on and made sure plugin and theme have 755 chmod permissions.

    Can you help me some way? Thank you very much, Olaf

  2. Hello Mohammad,

    I am using your wordpress html email plugin and I love it, however I get 2 confirmation emails for the user. One with the original password from WordPress and the other with the provided user password.

    I use another plugin (wordpress password register) that adds the password to the register form. Before I installed your plugin I only got one user registation email with the password the user has supplied.

    Any ideas how to resolve this?


  3. EditFlow has been great until today. One reporter has nothing but white space on the right where EditFlow should be. Another can only Submit for Review but the established stages of the edit flow process are missing. Another can not pull down her EditFlow choices. I cant figure out where to begin to fix this.

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