Presentation: Welcome to the Family (WordCamp Toronto 2012)

Welcome to the Family

Becoming an healthy, active member of the WordPress community

WordCamp Orlando (photo from WordCamp Central)

Mohammad (Mo) Jangda

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If you use WordPress, you’re part of a family.

A very, very big one.

56,000,000 sites

17% of the web

Millions of users

Of the three most important people in WordPress,
the most important one is…


The very fabric of the WordPress community relies on community participation

Families only function if everyone pitches in. Otherwise…

WordPress is FreeAsInSpeech (not FreeAsInBeer)

The Great Uncle Ben once said, “With great power…”


Lots of ways to be a healthy, active member of the community.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, blogger, business, superhero, designer, site owner, photographer, enterprise, artist, freelancer, writer, …

The most important thing is that you do something.
And you do it with the interests of the community in mind.
And don’t do stupid things like cause infighting.

How to give back?

Use WordPress

Even though it’s not the NBT (“Next Big Thing”).

Not just core, but everything else (plugins, themes, tools, APIs etc.)

Give feedback, criticism, or even just a “thanks”.


Share WordPress

Help the family grow. Tell everyone about it.

friends, family, strangers, everyone!

I got SWAG

Share Yourself

Docs: Codex or Tutorials

Help someone




(Meetup Group, WordCamps, conferences, library, etc.)

Share your code

Do the Open Source thing

Help Break WordPress

Beta test (3.5 Beta 1), Report bugs

Help Make WordPress


Patches, plugins, themes, tools, unit tests, etc.


Patches, themes, UI designs, UX testing, etc.



Someone else?

Test patches, copy editing, help text, etc.


For the feel-good feeling

To Learn

Example: free code review


Not just in the spiritual sense

Social, Financial Karma

Most importantly…

it’s necessary for the the continuity of the WordPress Project


You can’t spell WurdPress without a U.

Thanks. | @mjangda

Managing Your Editorial Workflow (WordCamp Toronto 2011)

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