A final word and a thank-you | Slave Lake Book Auction

Well folks, that’s a wrap for the Slave Lake book auction.


While the auction was an unbelievable amount of hard work, it was also a lot of fun. I LOVED watching the bidding wars going on and all the fun comments between bidders, egging each other on (yes Angie, I’m looking at YOU!). I loved that some of the books were hand delivered to the winners. I loved that authors offered up a SECOND copy to auction losers who wanted to pony up the same amount as the winners. I loved that up until the last post I was still getting donations in.

So thank you all so, so much for making this auction a roaring success. Because of you Slave Lake Library now has $4,909 to put towards rebuilding their library.

And that’s just freaking awesome.

Despite not winning any books, this is still beyond awesome. Great job Colleen!

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  1. All of your donors and bidders might be interested to note that the new Slave Lake library opened its doors in June. It’s a fabulous space with more titles and all kinds of new and exciting programming. You can see pictures on their website: http://www.slavelakelibrary.ab.ca/rebuild-and-move-2013

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