Homemade Fruits and Vegetables

Some goodies we grew in our garden last year.

The tomatoes turned out amazingly (despite looking pretty green in the photos). They were aggressive and being our first time growing vegetables, we didn’t quite control then well enough. As a result, we now have a big patch of dead grass in the garden where the tomatoes started to spread.

The raspberries were delicious but the plant only sprouted 7 or 8 of them. It’s gotten much bigger this year, so we hope to get lots more.

The carrots, well, they were tiny.

There were a few delicious peppers as well (though, not pictured).

This year, we’re going with tomatoes again, but might expand the patch of vegetables we have and try other things like potatoes and other small edibles. We’re also hoping that the cherry and plum trees we planted kick into high gear and pop out some delicious fruits.