WordPress Plugin: HTML Emails

Tired of all those boring emails that you get from WordPress? Do you dread opening emails from WordPress because plain text and/or over-querystringified links terrify you? Rest easy friend, HTML emails for WordPress are here.

HTML Emails replaces the standard WordPress emails with spruced up versions that simply look good. Sample included below:

New Comment Notification as seen in Gmail

Currently, only comment notifications are HTML-ized (new comment and comment moderation emails), but I’m hoping to add all other email notifications soon (and yes, that includes Multi-Site emails coming with WordPress 3.0).

While I have only tested the emails on Gmail, Gmail on Android, and Outlook, they should work on most email clients (including clients without HTML support). If you’re using a client other than the 3 I’ve listed, I would appreciate an email with info on whether the email looks like it should and works correctly.

Don’t like my design chops? (Go ahead, admit it!) I’ve got you covered! HTML emails makes it easy to fully customize the look and feel of emails sent by WordPress. See the Other Notes section on the Plugin page for details on how to customize emails. More detailed walkthroughs to come.

Grab it from the Plugin Directory or install directly from WordPress (Plugins > Add New, search for HTML Emails).

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17 Responses to WordPress Plugin: HTML Emails

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi, this looks amazing.

    How does it work in WPMU?

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    Great plugin – HTML works fine in all common email clients (Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express) on Windows and Mac’s as far as I’ve tested.

    I wonder – is there a way to change the “from” name and email address from wordpress@whateversite.com to a specified email address?

    That would be great.



  3. Raoni says:


    I have just translated your plugin into Portuguese Brazil. How can I send you??

    Can you include in the next version???

    And thanks for this GREAT plugin……….

    See ya!


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  5. Hello Mohammad,

    Any chance to add html email for a user when they request a password reset and also get an email with the new password?


  6. Brent Logan says:

    Nice plugin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the commenter’s URL. I need to know that before approving. After all, I wouldn’t approve *any* comment by someone with an URL like: http://nlrgurXXX.com

    • Mo Jangda says:

      Thanks for your comment Brent!

      The commenter’s URL is actually included and linked form their name. But, this has actually thrown me off a few times too and it probably would be easier if the URL was listed separately. I’ll make sure to change that in the next release.

  7. Sid says:

    I really liked your plugin . Emails were really sweet as you said instead of those ugly ones of WP.

    If possible add Password notications also in next version please.


  8. Grawl says:

    I have just translated in Russian the .pot file from the plugin archive with Poedit in MacOS, but it will show me #$%&@^& errors and cannot open it after saving into the .pot and .po files. But in text mode with any text editor it can be open, so that is translated file: http://cl.ly/716d0df1a6278c0dc052
    Maybe you can make it stable and include my translate into next version.
    Sorry for my bad English :3

  9. Nico says:


    Good plugin, I had the same idea but trying to make it work in a different.
    I’m running my WP installation in E_ALL error displaying and have some undefined constants. It’s a shame that there are so many great plugins but auhtors don’t care about notices. The whole WP publishing system runs whithout any notice ! Could you please correct it ? :)

  10. Ok this might be a really BASIC question, but how do I create an email?

    Stop laughing please;-)

  11. cogniter says:

    Any chance to add html email for a user when they request a password reset and also get an email with the new password?

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