Edit Flow/WordPress Idea: User Directory

Update: sorry, should have pointed out that this idea was inspired by wireframes posted by Anthony Pesce (of the Populous project).

Here’s an idea that I thought might be a useful addition to Edit Flow especially once we add in User Group functionality. The main premise is to have a full-out User Directory accessible by logged in users that provides easy access to contact information for other users on the site. Would probably only be useful for larger groups using WordPress, but I’d imagine would still come in handy for newsrooms and such.

See the wireframes inĀ full screen mode.

[iframe http://gomockingbird.com/mockingbird/index.html?project=963b593471f2c8248fbfae2c11b951789acdbe56 600 600]

3 thoughts on “Edit Flow/WordPress Idea: User Directory

  1. I’ve been meaning to respond to this for two days (aka it’s been an open tab in my browser). In short, I think the idea of a user directory is really cool. Even cooler: you’d be able to access it from your phone while you’re on the go. I think we should shelve it for sometime in the future, however, because there is more important functionality integral to the workflow bits.

  2. Oh, another idea that would be really badass: syncing with Google Contacts, or the ability to enable an LDAP server. It would be amazing if this information could be accessible in my Address Book or on my iPhone

  3. Hey, I’m currently looking for something like this.

    A nice feature I could use would be to have kind of like an internal guestbook which does additionally send a new entry to all users. I thought of using a private page and a comment email plugin, but if we could do it like this it would be awesome.

    Make it opensource and I’ll contribute :)

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