Co-Authors Plus Upgraded to v1.2

I released a new update for Co-Authors Plus today. The version number gets bumped to v1.2 and includes mostly fixes, the major one being compatibility with WordPress 2.8. Details about changes below. To upgrade, click the upgrade link in your WordPress Admin dashboard, under Plugins, or download the latest version here.

Any issues, leave a comment, or send me a message.

  • FIX: Added compatibility for WordPress 2.8
  • FIX: Added new template tags (getthecoauthormeta & thecoauthor_meta) to fix issues related to displaying author info on author archive pages. See Other Notes for details.
  • FIX: Plugin should now work for plugins not using the ‘wp_’ DB prefix
  • FIX: Coauthors should no longer be alphabetically reordered when the post is updated
  • FIX: Plugin now used WordPress native AJAX calls to tighten security
  • DOCS: Added details about the new template tags

5 thoughts on “Co-Authors Plus Upgraded to v1.2

  1. I need to display multiple author bios on one page. At this point, I am trying this code:

    …which gets me nothing. How can I do this in order to display the bios of two or more authors one after another?

  2. Great plugin!

    I have a sugestion… also it’s what I need… ;)

    1.- Only admin can change the “default_author”.
    2.- A user can only delete himself (if he is not the default_author).

    Maybe in the options.


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