Development: Imprint Online

Imprint Online Imprint Online Administration
After several years in the online game, Imprint, the University of Waterloo’s official student newspaper, decided that it needed a fresh new website to adapt to the changing trends in the Internet news industry.

I modified the core code of the Mambo content management system to meet the unique needs of a newspaper’s online counterpart, such as having an issue-based publishing system, among others. This involved modifications to both front- and back-end code+interfaces. Beyond this, I investigated add-ons provide additional functionality such as a commenting system and integrated those into the website. If add-ons were not readily available or were not up-to-standard in terms of quality, I wrote them from scratch. A great example is the PDF Archive.

Tools used: Mambo CMS, lots and lots of coffee (for all the late nights spent analyzing and writing code)