Development: Adobe InDesign script – createMyXML

This script generates an xml file (.xml) from an indesign document (.indd)

It was written largely to streamline the web publishing process at Imprint and is a major component of the Web Publishing system that I developed.

Find it here:

Two files are required:
* createMyXML.jsx

Extract the the two into your InDesign scripts folder and follow the instructions below:

* Open the file in a text editor
* Follow the instructions in the file and add your Paragraph Styles and associated xml tags
* Open your InDesign document
* Assign each story (i.e. all textboxes relating to a story) in the document a unique scripting label (Window->Automation->Scripting Label)
* Run the script
* The script will tag the content accordingly based on the Paragraph Styles used for content

* The script will only tag textboxes
* Multiple pages are supported
* To avoid being prompted for the map file every time, open the createMyXML.jsx file in a text editor, browse down till you see /** —-EDIT—- */ and enter the location of the map file
* I have only tested this on Windows with InDesign CS2 (theoretically, it should work on Mac and CS as well)

The script is licensed under the MIT license (

Tools used: JavaScript, Adobe Scripting Engine, Adobe InDesign

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